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Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of EC meters. These meters are indispensable for every home grower. View our range below. Read more.

Bluelab Truncheon ® Nutrient EC MeterDE favorite conductivity meter of the World. Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple! ...


PH meter, EC meter and Temperature meter It is everything you need for simple and reliable crop management. The Bluelab ...


Eutech ECO Tester EC high WaterProof Description: With an EC meter you can measure the electrical conductivity of a liqu...


Eutech Expert CTS (EC / TDS / SALINITY) Waterproof Description: The Eutech (Thermo Scientific) Expert CTS tester measure...


BlueLab, EC probe care kit


Milwaukee MC310 EC continuously monitor description: MC monitors are designed to adjust the pH, EC and TDS values ​​cont...


MW802 Combination meter pH / EC / TDS Description: The MW802 is a compact portable meter with Faster Microprocessors. Wi...


PH meter / EC Meter MW710, MW100 MW302 + in a Suitcase Description: Milwaukee Professional Standard MW100 and MW302 EC p...

Milwaukee EC Meter MW302

Milwaukee MW302 EC Meter Description: The MW302 is a portable EC (electrical conductivity) meter with automatic temperat...

Milwaukee C60, EC waterproof

C60 EC waterproof Fast delivery ✓ ✓ Low shipping costs

Milwaukee CD611 EC tester

MILWAUKEE CD611 EC tester Description: The CD611 is an EC (conductivity) tester designed specifically for water analysis...


The adwaAD32 is a waterproof conductivity, TDS and temperature testers. The housing is completely sealed against moistur...


Adwa AD-204 EC meter

Price technically very interesting.

Excellent warranty.


Hanna HI9813-51 pH/EC/TDS/°C meter The HI9813-51 makes it possible to perform pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids a...


Hanna PH / EC meter waterproof with buoyancy Description: A pH meter is a meter with which the pH of a solution can be d...


Hanna Soil Test Splash-waterproof EC soil meter Description: With an EC meter you can measure the electrical conductivit...


Hanna Dist 6 WP Waterproof EC meter with buoyancy (Blue) Micro processor controlled EC meter. Required EC calibration li...


Hanna Dist 4 Digital EC Meter (Blue) ±0.2% Accurate1 point calibration with screwdriver Auto Temperature Compensation


TPS industrial EC electrode• Very high quality industrial EC electrode • For. TPS HP2 power supply computer


The Milwaukee MW806 Max is an easy to operate professional portable combi meter with a USB connection and a data logger ...


Bluelab EC PENWaterproof EC range: 0.0 to 10.0 Can also measure in ppm & ° F Accuracy: 0.1 EC 1 checkpoint - EC 2.77 (op...


Bluelab, calibration fluid EC 2.77 (27.7 CF) 250 ml Bluelab conductivity standard solutions are essential for use with a...


The Milwaukee MC811 is an affordable and reliable pH, EC and temperature monitor developed and made in Europe for 24/7 m...


Buying an EC meter from Ecogardenshop is a smart idea: benefits & usage tips

Everyone in the cultivation sector knows how important it is that plants and seeds get the right nutritional proportions. Buying an EC meter helps to improve the cultivation yield, because the nutrient density can be determined. Based on this, a grower can decide to adjust the composition of the nutrient or the amount of food, in order to achieve better plant growth or seed growth.
EC stands for Electric Conductivity. The EC value can be seen as a device that makes it possible to measure the salinity in the substrate or in the nutrient water. For plants, flowers and other crops, the amount of salt in a food product gives a good indication of whether your cultivated material is getting enough good nutrients and minerals.

How should an EC meter be used? Handy usage tips for growers!

The use of an EC meter is very difficult. In particular, keeping it clean and then storing an EC meter are important points of attention. Because you want to be able to perform measurements with the device in a few years' time. Make sure the meters used are properly calibrated and calibrated. For this you have specialist calibration fluids, which ensure that the electrical part of your EC meter remains in good condition. To store your EC meter, you should use a storage cap, which is filled with special EC liquid to protect the meter.
Finally, the use of an EC meter is of course only useful if you as a grower know which EC values your plants and crops should have during the cultivation process. Plant species have different nutritional needs and therefore do not have the same EC value. Always check which EC values your plants, flowers and / or crops need. You can find the EC values in cultivation manuals and inserts, but also easily look them up online, for example via a so-called cultivation schedule calculator.

Buy an excellent EC meter at Ecogardenshop now

Treat yourself to the convenience of quickly measuring food substances with an EC meter. View all meters that we have included in our collection. Ecogardenshop has a wide choice of excellent quality brands and models of EC meters. Think of strong and reasonably priced meters from brands such as XS Instruments , Bluelab , Adwa , Eutech or Milwaukee . These are all brands that have proven themselves to be extremely reliable. View our complete range of EC measuring equipment now. And order your ideal EC meter cheaply and quickly via Ecogardenshop.
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