Nutrition and Supplements for growers

Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of food and supplements for every grower. View the different categories that we have to offer below.

The best nutrition and supplements for growers

Every grower knows how important it is to provide the plants, seeds and flowers that are grown with the correct nutrition and supplements. Ecogardenshop offers growers the best nutrition and nutritional supplements currently available. If you choose to buy our plant food and supplements, you have the guarantee of products that allow your plants and flowers to grow and bloom optimally.

Types of nutrition and supplements for growers: our range

In our Ecogardenshop you can find various types of nutrition and supplements to give your flora and fauna a growth spurt. The main types of plant nutrition in our collection are hydro nutrition , coconut nutrition, PH regulators and fertile soil. Hydro nutrition, like our Bioquant Eco Flora, is a special nutrition that ensures that you achieve the best growing results possible. This nutrient is specially designed for growers who use hydroponic growing systems. Furthermore, coconut nutrition is an option if you are looking for good plant food. This plant supplement has been formulated in such a way that you can achieve excellent breeding results.
Another option is to use pH regulators as a supplement. With pH regulators you can bring the nutrient and irrigation water for your plants and flowers to the correct pH value. This is important for good and healthy plant growth. Finally, you will also find soil foods in our range. These products are ideal for ensuring fertile ground cover. Ecogardenshop offers top brands within this category such as Bioquant and GHE, two brands that are highly regarded among growers for their efficient operation.

Order your favorite plant food and / or supplements now via Ecogardenshop

As a grower, choose the quality food and high-quality supplements in the Ecogardenshop range. Ordering can be arranged with a few mouse clicks via our webshop. In addition to superior quality, you are assured of attractively priced products that are delivered quickly.
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