Tube fans

Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of tube fans suitable for every hobby or professional grower. View our range below.

A tube fan: the ideal solution for climate control in greenhouses

In many Dutch greenhouses, growers use tube fans for optimal ventilation and stable climate control. Buying a tube fan from Ecogardenshop is a wise investment for several reasons. Our tube fans are of superior quality, competitively priced and form the basis for a constant cultivation yield.

What is a duct fan for ventilation system?

A tube fan is a special type of fan, which is mechanical and is characterized by a round shape with two round connections. On one side of the system the air is blown into the fan, on the other side the air comes out.

The many advantages of tube fans

When you, as a grower, choose to purchase a tube fan, you are making a smart purchase. Buying a tube fan has quite a few advantages if you want to grow more efficiently. Firstly, due to its round shape, a tube fan can easily be placed in a ventilation duct. Due to the design, a tube fan can also, which is a second advantage, be attached to both the front and rear. Thirdly, the Ecogardenshop tube fans have an excellent price-quality ratio. For just a few bucks you can purchase a high-quality tube fan to better regulate the cultivation process of your crops.
A fourth advantage of the tube fans that you can buy in our webshop is the fact that they have two switch positions. If, due to the indoor climate in your greenhouses, it is necessary to ventilate more or less, this can be arranged quickly at the touch of a button. Ease of use is number one with tube fans that are used in the cultivation world. Finally, the nice thing about a tube fan is that these fans last a long time and can take a beating. Are you looking for a fan for little money that regulates your climate control for you without having to worry about it and is of affordable quality? Then the purchase of this type of cultivation fans is a smart investment!

The collection of tube fans from Ecogardenshop

Growers who take their profession seriously, choose one of the quality fans from the wide range of Ecogardenshop. Our technical specialists have included the best tube fans in the collection for the cultivation sector, namely a selection from the range of quality fans from the top brand Garden High Pro . We supply all tube fans of this brand with connection cable and other necessary accessories. You can therefore install and use the fan directly in your greenhouse. Fast and simple. Don't wait any longer and opt for the optimization of your cultivation yield. Buy a professional tube fan from Ecogardenshop now to optimize your cultivation result!
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