LED grow light

LED Grow Lights

Plants need sunlight to survive and grow. Photosynthesis, the process by which plants with sunlight and CO2 to produce nutrients and oxygen, essential for good plant growth. But it is a fact that different plants have a preference for light of a very specific composition, they really want to show optimum growth and higher yields. This is particularly true for plants from the tropical regions or plants that grow at high altitude in their natural habitat. The light composition differs substantially there with daylight or artificial light in the Netherlands. For the home grower are various types of grow lamps been developed which, sometimes in combination with other lamps, can mimic the most optimal light conditions.

LED grow lights and EcoGardenShop.com

To conserve energy bill of the home grower, Ecogardenshop introduces an assortment of grow lights on the market that not only work optimally, but also energy efficient. LED lamps are particularly suitable as grow light because of their longevity and the fact that they are energy efficient. They also do not produce excess heat, which microclimate under which plants need to grow up, may interfere. Ecogardenshop supplies LED lamps that stimulate plant growth, flowering stimulate or suitable for both processes.

The home grower who uses the right LED grow lights will notice that plants grow better and faster and flowers develop faster and better. LED grow lights do more than just provide light. One could compare it with precision equipment or optimal fertilization, but with light. LED grow lights are a necessary addition to the range of the home grower who both wants to grow professionally as possible and on the other hand wants to keep their energy bills in check. Ecogardenshop supplies LED grow lights the Parus brand, a brand that has amply earned his spurs. Who with the lowest possible energy bill the best growth results and the most beautiful flowers will grow, actually can not LED grow lights going.

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