Climate control

Balanced climate control is one of the most important points to pay attention to in order to achieve good breeding results. View the different categories below. Read more.

Hotbox Sulfume sulfur vaporizer incl. 500g. sulfur

• Protects crops against fungal diseases such as mil...


Secret Jardin Monkey Fan 30w. The Secret Jardin Monkey Fan 30w is a powerful and efficient fan with a diameter of 23 cm ...


Climate control for growing in any grow room

Any grower with some experience knows how important it is to ensure balanced climate control in greenhouses and grow tents. A stable temperature, good humidity, correct oxygen ratio, correct ventilation and sufficient light are crucial for your cultivated crops to grow and bloom properly. Ecogardenshop helps growers with the best equipment to achieve optimal climate control. Whether you grow crops in greenhouses or grow tents, our climate control equipment allows you to manage all types of cultivation, large and small, and achieve the best results. In our online collection you will find, in addition to CO2 equipment, also devices for moisture regulation and professional ventilation equipment.

CO2 equipment

With CO2 equipment it is easier than ever to add CO2 to the air, in order to optimize the cultivation results in greenhouses and grow tents. By increasing the CO2 content, the process of photosynthesis is improved and plants and crops grow better. The CO2 controllers and generators in our range are of the high-quality brand Hotbox and work on propane and / or natural gas. It is advisable to use CO2 regulators in combination with ventilation systems, because CO2 is lighter than air and sinks to the bottom without ventilation.

Devices for moisture regulation

A balanced atmosphere in terms of humidity is indispensable to achieve good plant growth. If you want to achieve the desired high growing result, you cannot ignore equipment for moisture regulation . In the range of Ecogardenshop you will find various types of moisture regulators, namely humidifiers, dehumidifiers and hygrostats. Our experts have made a selection for you from the best and cheapest devices for moisture regulation, such as the brands Garden High, Naganoi, TechGrow and BTT.

Ventilation equipment

Finally, modern and reliable ventilation equipment is crucial for good climate control. In our webshop you can find tube fans, floor fans, clip fans and other ventilation systems from the best brands, think TechGrow and Garden High, out there.


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