Power computers

Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of nutrition computers and accessories suitable for every grower. View our range below.

Nutrition computers for good and carefree plant growth

Anyone who is active as a grower, whether it concerns plants, flowers or fish, naturally strives for the best possible growth. Ecogardenshop wants to help growers with this and therefore offers a selection of the best nutrition computers from the cultivation industry. Buying a nutrition computer through our webshop means having a guarantee of quality.

What are nutrition computers indispensable for the real plant and flower grower?

A feeding computer is also called a controller or dosing system. This type of computer system is able to make the desired nutritional composition in a nutrient tank, by adjusting the pH values and EC values to the wishes of the grower. Power computers ensure through a control mechanism that the set values are continuously adjusted and corrected if they deviate from the standard. As a grower you will be relieved of this considerably. Growing with a nutrition computer is therefore super convenient and saves you a lot of manual control work.

View our extensive range and buy a good nutrition computer

Ecogardenshop's range of food computers is wide and provides all the functions that make the grower's heart beat faster. Are you also going for the best nutrient water and the highest yields? Then quickly buy one of the excellent Milwaukee or TPS feeding machines from our range!


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