Basic (flowering) nutrition Bio Eco Flora Organic vegetable composition with a specific ratio of main ...


CONTROL SPIDER MIT Type C Bio Mitefin-res To be used when observing spider mites and eggs after using ...



Bioquant bio ortho silicon provides stress resistance, moisture balance and absorption stimulation. After administration...


Power feeding Bio Final Top PK For extra flowering power in the final stages of all flowering pl...

BIOQUANT Pitterex 2.5 ml

BIO Pitterex

Pitterex is een bio-preparaat ter bestrijding van algemeen voorkomende...


Salt binder Bio Bond Concentrate binds and converts dissolved food salts in non-reactive compounds.


Root stimulator For hydroponics Bio Mineral Start Mineral nutrition with stimulation...




Disinfection Bio Citroxal Organic acid complex as a bio-cleaner of the soil. Bio Citroxal is effective...



Power leaf feeding Bio lmmulon L-Sa Bio Foliar lmmulon L-Sa can be used in hydro and bio-organic...


Mineral base growth fertilizer For hydroponics Bio Mineral Allround Mineral composition with main fert...




Upgrading Bio Upgrade Bio Upgrade contains a high humus value for the creation of an environment...



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