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Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of cultivation pots. The pots are available in different sizes. View our range below. Read more.









Grow pots: plenty of options for avid growers

Do you enjoy maintaining your garden and especially growing your own plants and flowers? Then as a grower you cannot do without a series of high-quality growing pots. In the range of Ecogardenshop you will find a wide range of high-quality cultivation pots and cultivation trays. Grow pots are ideal accessories for growing plants and flowers faster, better and more beautifully. If you want to grow your plants as well as possible, then as a plant grower or flower grower you cannot do without the professional cultivation trays and cultivation pots from Ecogardenshop. Buying growing pots at Ecogardenshop is also advantageous, because we have friendly and competitive prices.

The benefits of growing pots


The cultivation pots that you can find in the collection of Ecogardenshop have numerous advantages to offer for anyone who loves to grow flora and fauna. It is important that the cultivation pots, including those from the top brand Rootpouch, are light and therefore easy to transport. This saves you on transport and storage costs. The cultivation trays and cultivation pots in our collection can be cleaned and sterilized and are therefore reusable. The insulating effect of cultivation pots is also an advantage. In cold periods, they prevent plants and flowers from freezing, while in the summer months they efficiently cool the roots and stems. UV rays are effectively stopped. Another plus of the professional cultivation pots from Ecogardenshop is the fact that they have a positive influence on biological micro-organisms. Finally, the great thing about high-quality growing pots is that they retain water and nutrients. This makes plants grow faster, better and healthier. The result is that your plants look nicer, fresher and healthier.

Buy growing pots at Ecogardenshop

Ecogardenshop has selected the best cultivation pots for you that are currently available in the cultivation sector. Two top brands in our collection are Rootpouch and Garden High. In terms of content, you can go to our collection for small cultivation containers of 1, 4 or 8 liters, but also for mega cultivation containers up to more than 570 liters. So there is plenty of choice for growers who want to practice their trade or hobby professionally.
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