Combo gauges

Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of combo meters suitable for every home grower. View our range below. Read more.

PH meter, EC meter and Temperature meter It is everything you need for simple and reliable crop management. The Bluelab ...


Hanna HI9813-51 pH/EC/TDS/°C meter The HI9813-51 makes it possible to perform pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids a...

Milwaukee MILWAUKEE MW804

The Milwaukee MW804 is a pocket pH (0 to 14.00), EC (0 to 20.00), TDS (0 to 10.00ppt) and Temperature (0 to 50°C) tester...


AD14 is designed for simultaneous pH, ORP and temperature measurements. The large display also has graphic symbols to gu...


The Milwaukee MC811 is an affordable and reliable pH, EC and temperature monitor developed and made in Europe for 24/7 m...


MILWAUKEE Mi5560 COMBI-CASE • Case with pH55 + EC60 • bag calibration solution pH4.01 / pH7.01 / EC12.88 • KCL storage c...


Waterproof CTS meter. (EC/TDS/Salt) • Waterproof EC/TDS/SALT meter with buoyancy. • EC Range: 0.00 - 20.00 mS/cm. • EC R...


• Waterproof pH/EC/temp. buoyancy meter (ip67) • Simple push button for calibration • Range: pH: 0.0 ~ 14.0pH / EC: 0.0 ...


Aquamaster pH Temp meter P50 Pro pH and temperature meter The Aquamaster Tools range has been expanded with this P50 Pro...


Aquamaster Combo Pen P160 Pro The new Combo Pen P160 Pro has been further developed and has improved software. The major...


AQUAMASTER,Soil pH/Temp S300 Pro 2 , pen meter pH, temp. • Waterproof (ip65) pH/TEMP meter • Includes external replaceab...


100 ml PH 4.01 Calibration Liquid. Close immediately after use. Calibration fluid from Aquamaster for calibrating your p...


Aquamaster p110-pro digital ph/ec/temp meter The renewed Combo Pen P110 Pro has a modern, robust housing. In addition, t...


Aquamaster P110 replacement electrode Electrode for Aquamaster digital pH/EC meter.


Aquamaster Combo Meter P700 Pro 2 The renewed Combo meter P700 Pro2 has a modern, robust housing and is equipped with a ...


Combo meter: indispensable for every grower

If there is one type of measuring device that is of great use to you as a grower, it is a combo meter from Ecogardenshop. A combo meter is an extremely functional combination meter, which makes it possible to record the pH value, the EC value and the temperature. pH meters are ideal for determining acidity levels during the cultivation process. EC meters are used to measure nutritional strength. And finally, the temperature function of combo meters is useful for measuring the temperature of liquid substances such as pond water or the heat in greenhouses or grow tents.

The advantages of a combo meter from Ecogardenshop

The Ecogardenshop combo meters have several advantages. The ease of use of these meters is important. Because the pH, EC and temperature can be recorded with this measuring device, you no longer need separate meters. So you no longer have to tinker with three separate meters, but opt for a practical solution. Another nice thing about our combo meters is that with this measuring equipment you can quickly determine whether the culture conditions are in order. If that is not the case and the values are incorrect, you can intervene quickly to solve the problem. A third plus of our combo meters is the high quality and reliability. Ecogardenshop specialists have carefully selected the best combo meters. And finally, last but not least, in our webshop you have a wide choice of suitable measuring equipment.

Various brands of combo meters

In our webshop you will find a selection of the best combo meters available at the moment. The core of our range consists of combo meters from the class brand BlueLine. But also meters from other top brands, such as Adwa and Hanna, you can order cheaply at Ecogardenshop. Also choose the best combo meter and take an even more professional approach to growing!
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