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Green Eye CO2 Monitor and data logger The Green Eye measures the CO₂ level, the air temperature and the air humidity in ...


S-4 Sensor ABC 2,000 ppm Create the optimal conditions in your room with the smart S-4 Sensor ABC 2,000 ppm from TechGro...


S-4 Sensor 2,000 ppm Create the optimum conditions in your greenhouse with the smart S-4 Sensor 2,000 ppm from TechGrow....


S-2 Sensor 2,000 ppm Create the right CO2 conditions in your greenhouse with the S-2 Sensor 2,000 ppm from TechGrow. Thi...


Sensor cable to connect a Techgrow sensor to various Techgrow equipment.


CO2 meters: indispensable for a good breeding result

A good air concentration in greenhouses and growing rooms is, just like the soil quality and good humidification of your growing plants, crucial to get your growing results as good as possible. Good air quality, which does not contain too much CO2, is therefore a requirement for every cultivation process. Are you a grower yourself? Then you can at least benefit a lot from the reliable CO2 meters and increase your cultivation yield. You can do this with the solid CO2 meters, including from the reliable quality brand Techgrow, which you can find in the Ecogardenshop range.

The benefits of a good CO2 meter

Using a good CO2 meter from Ecogardenshop or has real added value for your cultivation results in various areas. First of all, you can perfectly match the CO2 content in your greenhouse to the needs of your plants. Depending on the desired values, a Techgrow CO2 meter has a range of 0 to 2200 ppm. As a result, the carbon dioxide content in the vicinity of your greenhouse can be properly measured and - by using a CO2 sensor (which may or may not be built-in) - be adjusted to the need. The technique used to measure the CO2 level is also known as NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infra Red) technology. This is a very advanced measuring technique for tracing clay particles in the air.

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In addition to this advantage, a good and reliable measuring instrument for the ambient air, Ecogardenshop's CO2 meters also have the advantage that they are competitively priced. With us you can be sure that, because we are a wholesaler, you will get the best price for your measuring equipment. Finally, it is also nice for growers that they can choose from several CO2 meters and CO2 sensors in our wide range. View the specifications of our Techgrow meters now and buy your favorite model easily and cheaply online via our webshop.
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