Measuring equipment

Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of measuring equipment. This allows a good climate to be maintained and contributes to consistent breeding results. View our range below.

Looking for measuring equipment? View all types of measuring devices in our Ecogardenshop

Measuring is knowing. Measuring is important for growers to achieve the best possible climate, in which your crops remain healthy and can grow well. By regularly checking your plants and the nutrient soil for the correct values, you will achieve the best cultivation results. Therefore, take the purchase of measuring equipment seriously if you are going for the highest possible cultivation yield.

Five types of measuring devices

As a grower, you can buy measuring equipment in five categories at Ecogardenshop. The first category concerns pH meters from professional brands such as BlueLab, Hanna, TPS and Eutech. With pH meters you determine the acidity of, for example, soil. You can also go to this category for pH soil electrodes and accessories such as adapters. The second category concerns EC meters . With these meters you can determine how concentrated the nutrient solution is and adjust it if necessary. In the third category you will find our combo meters from Adwa and BueLab, among others. Combo meters are combination measuring devices that can measure the pH value, EC value and temperature simultaneously. Category four concerns calibration liquids for pH and EC, as well as storage liquids for your measuring devices. Finally, you can go to the 'Miscellaneous' category for all kinds of useful accessories and resources, such as soil test kits and lux meters.
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