pH soil meters

Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of pH soil meters. View our range below. Read more.

GHE, pH indication TestKit Our pH Test Kit is perfect for small tests. It has a wide range from 4.0 to 8.5. Simply fill ...


BLUELAB, Multimedia pH meter The pH of the soil or substrate can be of great importance for the growth of your crop. Do ...


Milwaukee PH Meter / Ground Meter MW101 description: MW101pH meter: 0.00 to 14.00, with two point manual calibration, ± ...


Bluelab Combo Meter Plus Product Features / Benefits - Measure pH, conductivity and temperature on the go - Brilliantly ...


XS, pH 5 SPEAR pH/temp GROUND tester • Technically the same as the XS ph 5, but with replaceable GROUND electrode (Swiss...


100 ml PH 4.01 Calibration Liquid. Close immediately after use. Calibration fluid from Aquamaster for calibrating your p...


The Milwaukee pH controller with CO2 control (MC122 PRO) allows you to continuously monitor the pH value and adjust the ...


pH soil meters: of great importance for a healthy and strong cultivation!

Experienced growers know how important it is to have the right equipment and accessories if you want to grow healthy and strong plants and flowers. One of the most important electronic devices used in the cultivation industry is digital pH soil meters . These digital meters are used to determine the acidity of nutrient media so that, if necessary, food can be added to get the acidity to the most ideal level.
With the pH soil meters from Ecogardenshop, including from the top brand Bluelab, you are guaranteed a pH soil meter that is reliable and lasts a long time. Quality and optimal cultivation results are important standards in the composition of our range of cultivation supplies. Therefore choose an acidity meter from Ecogardenshop.

How exactly does a pH soil meter work?

pH soil meters from Ecogardenshop are not only of top quality, but also user-friendly. Our pH soil meters work very simply. You press the button on the meter and then insert it into the moist potting soil or soil, near the plant. You can then read what the acidity is on the digital screen of the Techgrow soil meter. This is between 3.5 and 9.0. Depending on the type of plant or culture, there is an ideal acidity to achieve maximum results. If the acidity level is too high or too low, you can add pH+ or pH- to the soil as required, in order to achieve an ideal nutritional composition.
In any case, make sure that you regularly, preferably every three days, measure the acidity of your culture. You can then, if necessary, intervene in time and increase the nutritional value of the soil to the most perfect level. This way your plants, flowers and/or cuttings get the best possible nutrition and you are assured of a healthy growing result!
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