Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of humidifiers. This allows you to ensure the correct humidity. View our range below. Read more.



HR15 humidifier motor capacitor 3 uF


HR15 humidifier motor without capacitor (without capacitor)


Humidifier: for better cultivation of plants and flowers

A well-balanced indoor climate is very important for good cultivation. When the atmosphere in greenhouses or grow tents is in imbalance, plants and crops grow less well. That is why it is important as a grower to ensure good humidity. If the air in your greenhouse or grow tent is too dry, you need a professional humidifier . You can buy a good quality humidifier in the Ecogardenshop web store. In our range you will find the best humidifiers currently available.

How does a humidifier for greenhouses or grow tents work?

During the cultivation process, it is important to periodically check with a hygrometer that the humidity in the greenhouse is in order and remains at a constant level. If the air is too dry, it will have a negative effect on the growth of your crops. Using a humidifier is a smart solution. The great thing about humidifiers is that they can be set well and emit a certain amount of vapor constantly or at set times, so that the humidity is adjusted.

Garden HighPro: our top brand humidifier

The main brand in our humidifier collection is Garden Highpro , a brand that has proven itself to be one of the best brands in the grow industry. Our Garden HighPro HumiPro model is the most popular humidifier. This advanced device is able to atomize tap water in a volume of 380 ml / h. The HumiPro from Garden Highpro is wonderfully quiet in use and is used by countless growers in the Netherlands to keep the air balance in their greenhouses and grow tents in good balance. The rotation options are 360 degrees, manually, while the settings can be adjusted digitally via a remote control. View all humidifiers that we have included in our range and order your quality machine easily and cheaply via the Ecogardenshop website.
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