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Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of water air conditioners suitable for every hobby or professional grower. View our range below. Read more.

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High quality water air conditioners? Choose Ecogardenshop!

Ecogardenshop, as a total provider of cultivation equipment, greenhouses and associated accessories, has also included various top models of water air conditioners in its collection. Buying a good water air conditioner is more than important for cultivators with their own pond. A water air conditioner, also known as a condensing unit or water-cooled air conditioner, is increasingly used in the cultivation sector to heat or, if desired, cool greenhouses or grow tents. The unique thing about this type of climate control is that tap water is used. Buying water air conditioners to optimize your cultivation performance is a smart choice, because condensing units are energy efficient. But the water air conditioners that you can buy for a competitive price at Ecogardenshop have much more to offer ambitious growers.

The advantages of a water air conditioner

In addition to the energy-efficient properties of water air conditioners, this type of climate control is also popular for its low noise production. Where standard climate control systems that operate on electricity or gas quickly have a noise level of more than 50 dB, many condensing units have a noise level of less than 40 dB. They are therefore almost inaudible and do not cause any noise nuisance. In addition to the low noise production, water air conditioners stand out because they can heat large spaces, up to 220 m3. View our complete range and buy your favorite water air conditioner in the Ecogardenshop collection!
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