Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of CO2 equipment suitable for every grower. View the different categories that we have to offer below.

Contemporary growers use suitable CO2 equipment

Properly adjusting the percentage of CO2 in greenhouses for nursery plants, seeds or nursery flowers is really important if you are pursuing good and healthy growth and / or want to bring in a good harvest. For this reason, contemporary growers, professionals but also enthusiastic hobbyists, are increasingly using modern CO2 equipment . At Ecogardenshop you will find various reliable CO2 measuring instruments, specifically CO2 generators, CO2 controllers and important accessories. Now also professionalize your growing habits and choose CO2 equipment that suits your wishes and requirements.

CO2 generators

CO2 generators use gas as fuel. This type of device, in our collection you will find the top brand Hotbox, adds CO2 to the ambient air in the greenhouses to create good climatic conditions in greenhouses for healthy plant growth. Because a CO2 generator ensures the correct carbon values, flora and fauna are provided with optimal conditions to grow and flourish properly. This is because the correct ratio of CO2 and oxygen stimulates the process of photosynthesis, allowing your plants to grow faster. This is because the crop can absorb more nutrients due to the favorable environmental climate in the greenhouse.

CO2 controllers

As a grower, you need CO2 controllers to create the best possible indoor climate. These computer systems are connected to a CO2 generator, in order to seamlessly adjust the acidity in the air to your specific wishes. The CO2 controller for the CO2 level is ideal, because the system signals if the values are too low or too high. A controller regularly measures the air quality or water quality digitally. In case of certain deviating results, an indication of an indoor climate that is not optimal, the CO2 equipment itself intervenes and ensures that the CO2 and EC values. This way your plants and crops get what they deserve: the best care. Made possible by Ecogardenshop!
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