pH meters

Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of pH meters. These meters are indispensable for the home grower. View our range below.

pH meters: real growers choose quality

Breeding has become increasingly popular in the Netherlands in recent years. At the same time, there is a visible development of professionalization: both professional growers and hobbyists are taking cultivation more and more seriously. And they want to have access to the best pots, growing media, greenhouses and equipment. One of the accessories that is indispensable for the serious cultivation of seeds, vegetables, exotic flowers and plants is a good quality pH meter . With a pH meter you can properly determine the acidity of your plants and, if necessary, adjust it by increasing or decreasing the value with a pH agent.

The use of a pH meter: the advantages

But why is buying a good pH meter so important if you want to grow well? The answer is actually very simple: a pH meter, from a top brand such as BlueLab, Milwaukee or Adwa, will help you keep your plants and seeds in good condition. With a reliable pH meter you can precisely determine the acidity of the soil in which you are growing, or (if you have a swimming pool) the water. Especially if you are growing plants, the acidity of the soil is important. An acidity that is too high or low slows down the growth of your seeds, plants or flowers. And that is of course exactly what you want to avoid as an avid grower.

Which pH meters can you buy at Ecogardenshop?

As a grower, you can find the best brands available in the Ecogardenshop webshop, such as Eutech, Hanna, Milwaukee, Adwa and BlueLab. The pH meters in our range have been carefully selected by experts on the basis of the best price-quality ratio. You can buy pH meters that only determine the pH value, but also combination meters for measuring pH, EC and temperature.

Tips for using a pH meter

It is important to use your pH meter correctly so that it remains in good working order and lasts longer. Before using a pH meter, it is important to calibrate the meter. To calibrate and calibrate the meter you will need special pH calibration fluid and distilled water. You will find a step-by-step plan to properly calibrate the meter in the package insert of your meter. It is also important to keep the electrode in the meter continuously in storage liquid. Each meter has a special storage cap for this. Cleaning the pH meter after use is also important for a long life.
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