Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of hygrostats suitable for every grower. A hygrostat ensures that the humidity is always stable. View our range below. Read more.

HYGROSTAAT ANALOOG Plug & Play alleen voor bevochtiging

10 - 80% relatieve luchtvochtigheid.


IT. ZH -101- Enkelvoudige Hygrostaat Specificaties: 30 - 100% rlv. Vrij omschakelbaar voor bevochtigen of ontvochti...


Humi Dual Pro The Humi Dual Pro ensures the perfect humidity in your room. It is adjustable from 10% to 90% relative hum...


Humi Twin With the Humi Twin you can control your humidifier / dehumidifier, making it possible to switch between humidi...


Humi Heavy The Humi Heavy is specially designed for controlling powerful humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Due to the extra...


Clima Control The Clima Control is a digitally controlled climate controller, with the possibility to connect 2 fans. On...


Clima Micro Plus Temp / Humidity Fan Control Achieve the right temperature and relative humidity in your room with the C...


Clima Control Plus The Clima Control Plus is a digitally controlled climate controller that accurately creates the right...


A hygrostat is important for optimal breeding performance

In a greenhouse or grow tent, there must be a balanced humidity for the proper growth of plants and crops. In greenhouses, the humidity can be too high, but also too low. Growers cannot do without a reliable hygrostat to properly regulate the indoor climate. Hygrostats are devices specially developed for culture that can dehumidify or humidify the atmosphere (as required). As a grower, you must therefore have a properly functioning hygrostat . You can buy an excellent hygrostat that suits your needs with a few clicks of a button in our webshop.

How do hygrostats work?

You can set a hygrostat to a specific humidity value that is most ideal for the cultivation of your crops. However, due to various environmental factors, the humidity in greenhouses and grow tents is not constant. A hygrostat intervenes at such times by restoring the humidity to the desired values based on constant measurements when fluctuations are too great. The superior hygrostats from Ecogardenshop are among the best models that have been developed. Many of our hygrostats, for example from brands such as TechGrow or IT , are multifunctional and offer complete climate control.
In addition to measuring and adjusting the humidity, our devices also measure and correct the temperature and acidity. With the high-quality hygrostats of Ecogardenshop you can arrange things at the same time and create an optimal growing climate for your plants, seeds or flowers. What more could you wish for as a grower?

Our hygrostats offer optimal digital flexibility

The hygrostats in our range are digitally operating systems for climate control, which are often used in combination with fans, CO2 sensors and / or temperature meters. This makes them flexible in use. Because the systems are digitally adjustable, you can opt for automatic climate control or set it manually. Also choose the best quality climate control and buy a climate zone controller cheaply and easily in the Ecogardenshop web store!
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