pH Controllers

Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of pH controllers. If you want the best cultivation result, a pH controller is indispensable. View our range below. Read more.

Product Features / Benefits - Automate pH control in reservoirs up to 200 US gallons / 760 liters. - 10 ml / min perista...


pH controller: added value & features

The pH controller: every professional grower who goes for efficient crop growth and strives for high cultivation yields, knows this equipment. Buying a pH controller is necessary if you are going for the best cultivation result. With a good quality pH controller you can precisely determine the nutritional value of culture soils and the pH value, or acidity, of pond water, for example, during cultivation. If you opt for the modern pH controllers from Ecogardenshop, you are assured of affordable top quality and optimal breeding results.

The best pH controller at the moment? BlueLine!

In our range you will find the best pH controllers currently used in the cultivation sector. These are from the highly regarded Bluelab brand. The Bluelab acidity controllers are so advanced that you can use them to regulate the pH of ponds and basins with a capacity of up to 760 liters. The sensors measure the pH in both upward (alkali) and downward (acidic) directions. A built-in safety system prevents you from accidentally overdosing.
Buying a Bluelab pH controller offers you even more interesting features. For example, the controllers of this absolute class brand can be easily mounted on wooden posts, racks and walls. Another practical feature is the built-in dosing routine, which helps to mix efficiently for the next dose. This means you no longer have to worry about your pond, because the Bluelab provides the ideal acidity 24/7 and fully automatically.

Why choose pH controllers from Ecogardenshop?

More and more growers choose the quality products and efficient equipment from Ecogardenshop to optimize their cultivation process. Our technical specialists and cultivation experts are constantly looking for the best and most affordable equipment to serve the modern grower. The main reason why we choose Bluelab is also the ease of use: this controller brand checks the acidity completely independently and automatically adjusts it if necessary. What more could you want?
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