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Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of storage fluid suitable for every grower. View our range below. Read more.

Eutech KCL bewaarvloeistof 5 liter


KCL storage liquid 100 ml.


cleaning liquid (MA9016) 230ml bottle Ordered before 22:00 tomorrow at home No delivery costs from 250 euros Pay afterwa...


MILWAUKEE MA754 SERVICE CASE • Complete service case including: * calibration liquids pH 4.01 / pH 7.01 * calibration li...


Bluelab storage solution 100ml Bluelab pH Probe KCL Storage Solution is specially made for use with Bluelab pH products....


Milwaukee KCL Preservative Liquid 230ml Vial MA9015 is a laboratory grade electrode storage solution prepared with high ...


100 ml KCl Storage solution. Close immediately after use. Store between 15-25 °C. Do not return liquid. Thoroughly rinse...


Storage solution: characteristics, usefulness & application method

Storage fluid, also known as potassium chloride (KCl), is used in the breeding industry to store pH meters safely and durably. Storage fluid for pH meters has several positive properties that you as a grower can benefit from. At Ecogardenshop, you can find high-quality storage solutions that help you keep your pH meters in optimal condition.

Features & usefulness of our pH storage solutions

The storage fluid that you can buy in our collection of growing accessories, for an attractive price, has several interesting features. Firstly, Ecogardenshop only offers the best storage liquids currently available on the market. Three top brands in our range are Eutech KCL, Hanna and BTT KCL. These brands of storage liquids are distinguished by their powerful effect. A second characteristic of our storage solution is that it offers perfect protection for your pH meters. The storage liquids from Ecogardenshop ensure that the electrodes of your pH meters last a lot longer. And that means that you are making a sustainable, economical and environmentally conscious choice.
Third, the storage solutions we offer are always traceable to the NIST standard (National Institute of Standards and Technology). This ensures that you, as a grower, are using the right liquid in the right quantities. A final feature of the storage liquids in our webshop is the competitive price. Because we, as a wholesaler, purchase directly from products, we can keep costs low. You as a grower benefit from this!

Application method: how do you use storage liquid?

If you decide to buy storage liquids through Ecogardenshop, you choose wisely. But how do you use our liquids correctly? It is important to thoroughly clean the electrode with storage liquid before and after using a pH meter. To do this, put the liquid in the sealing cap of the electrode. After this, put the electrode in the liquid and close the bottle tightly immediately. The ideal storage temperature is between 15 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius.
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