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Ecogardenshop has a wide range of barrel heaters for barrels in different sizes. View our offer below. Read more.

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Barrel heating: benefits & possibilities

When you need water or liquids that need to be brought to a certain temperature, for example pond water or irrigation water, you can do this efficiently with barrel heating. Drum heating systems are often used in agriculture, horticulture and industry. They are used to keep irrigation water at the right temperature, prevent freezing and save time, as liquids no longer have to acclimatize for days. In the range of Ecogardenshop you can find various types of barrel heaters, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages.

What is a drum heater?

A barrel heater is a kind of jacket or covering of (plastic) material that can be applied around a round or square water barrel. A heating element is fitted in the casing of the vessel heating that can be connected to the power network. The heating element is insulated with silicone, so that the temperature is well maintained. The drum heaters from Ecogardenshop are equipped with sturdy belts. With these belts they can be properly and safely attached to both round water vessels and square water basins. In addition to heating water, drum heaters can also be used to keep water cool because they provide good thermal insulation. Our drum heaters are therefore multifunctional.

Various sizes and models of drum heaters

At Ecogardenshop you can go for various sizes and models of (barrel) heaters. Whether you are looking for heating jackets for drums of 25, 50 or 100 liters: our webshop offers tailor-made solutions. For example, do you have larger water barrels and water basins of more than 100 liters? Then you can find various large barrel heaters in our range that can be perfectly placed around the barrels or basins to quickly bring the water to the right temperature. Besides barrel heaters in jacket shape that can be placed around the barrel, there are also other types of barrel heaters available at Ecogardenshop. Our flexible heating mats are popular, which can be used to quickly heat smaller quantities of water (for example in a pond). There are also bottom vessel heaters, which heat up water vessels through the bottom.
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