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Growing media: what are these and what is possible at Ecogardenshop?

Growing media are special surfaces and soils that help you as a grower to grow seeds, plants and flowers better, faster and more efficiently. Basically there are two main types of culture media. Many growers use soil as a growing medium. Special potting soil contains the right nutrients and organic composition to promote cultivation. In addition to these organic culture media, there are also artificial culture media, such as clay blocks, coco, mapito or rock wool. These culture soils usually do not contain any natural nutrients of their own, but do encourage good germination and plant growth.

Possibilities in terms of culture soils

If you want to buy growing media, Ecogardenshop is the right place for you. Our range of growing media is wide and offers hobby and professional growers a lot of possibilities. For example, you can visit our web shop for cultivation pots with very fertile organic soils. But if you grow tables looking in all shapes and sizes of suitable breeding grounds , fertile soil, coco, rockwool mapito or find us what you need. Whatever choice you make in terms of growing medium, Ecogardenshop assures you that you can always count on the best quality that can be found in the grower world. Because Ecogardenshop has the same goal as you: to make good and efficient cultivation possible for professionals and hobby growers.

Why the choice of a culture medium is smart

If you have decided to grow seeds, flowers and / or plants, you naturally want to do the best you can. Growing plants well depends on various factors. The amount of sunlight plays a role, the humidity, the temperature, but also the breeding ground where the plants are used. By thinking carefully about a suitable growing medium and using it, you as a grower can create an optimal germination process with good and healthy plant growth. View all our offers now in our webshop. And order your ideal culture medium online, then your order will be delivered to you quickly by Ecogardenshop.
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