CO2 Generators

Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of CO2 generators suitable for every hobby or professional home grower. View our extensive range below.

Buy a CO2 generator? Choose the quality of Ecogardenshop

The incidence of light, the acidity of the nutrient water, the temperature and the organic composition of the nutrient medium play an important role in the breeding process. In addition to these aspects, it is also important to pay attention to the CO2 content in a closed greenhouse or grow tent. CO2 generators are therefore an indispensable accessory in the cultivation world to keep the cultivation process running smoothly. With a CO2 generator you can bring the carbon dioxide level in your grow tent or greenhouse to the desired level. This is necessary because dense spaces, plants, flowers and crops remove a lot of carbon dioxide from the air.
If the percentage of carbon in the air becomes too limited and falls below the 200 ppm level, your crops will grow less quickly and well. With a high-quality CO2 generator from Ecogardenshop you can stop this process and give your crops a growth spurt.

What exactly does a CO2 generator do?

A CO2 generator has the function of increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of your grow tent or greenhouse. This optimally stimulates plant growth in your greenhouse. And that is of course exactly what every grower wants to achieve. If the air quality in your greenhouse is not in order, the photosynthesis process will not go well and plant growth will be stunted. Reason enough to keep the CO2 content in your greenhouse (es) at a constant level via a professional CO2 generator!

You can buy the best CO2 generator in our webshop

When purchasing a CO2 generator, it is important to go for the best quality as a grower. At Ecogardenshop you have the guarantee that you buy CO2 equipment of top quality. Our range of CO2 generators consists of various versions of the super brand Hotbox. If you choose a generator of this brand, you can be sure that the ambient air in your greenhouse or grow tent is of optimal quality. View our models now. You can order quickly and cheaply online via Ecogardenshop.
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