T.A. Aquatica (GHE) DualPart Grow Soft 0.5 liter
Aquatica (GHE) DualPart Grow Soft 0.5 liter

Aquatica (GHE) DualPart Grow Soft 0.5 liter


DUALPART® (FLORADUO®) Highly concentrated, true 2-component nutrient system for hydroponics, coir and soil The ultimate two-part nutrients: DualPart®, inspired by the best-selling TriPart®, delivers the best balance of performance and ease of use - and so

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TerraAquatica (GHE) DualPart Grow Soft which is 0.5 liter

DualPart® is not a "classic" mineral nutrient: Starting with the goal of creating a simplified TriPart® that still had the same power, legendary General Hydroponics and NASA chemist Cal Hermann created this powerful two-part formula, adding several more along the way important bonuses for fast-growing plants with clear differences between growth and flowering periods:

DualPart® uses different types of minerals so that your plants always have access to the elements they need, in the right form through growth and flowering.

  • The formula contains bioactivators that improve overall plant health, resistance to pathogens and nutrient absorption.
  • DualPart® works to reduce internode length - without PGRs (Plants Groth Regulators)! At GHE we only use the most purified ingredients. Combined with the understanding of nutritional composition that we have developed through our extensive research, this allows us to achieve explosive growth and reduced elongation without potentially dangerous additives such as synthetic PGRs.
  • And when we say "2-part" we mean it: using DualPart® means two bottles from start to finish, not four as you need with most two-part "A+B" style nutrients that use two parts for growth and two for flowering.
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