TechGrow T-Mini Pro Co2 controller (int Co2 / light sensor)

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The T-Mini from the TechGrow Pro Series is a very complete and compact all-in-one CO 2 controller that is easy to operate.


The T-Mini display shows the current values of CO 2 , temperature and humidity at a glance. In addition, the T-Mini records the minimum and maximum values of CO 2 , temperature and humidity, and it controls the CO 2 dosage for a correct CO 2 concentration in your room. The built-in fan of the T-Mini guarantees optimum air flow, and therefore a fast and accurate measurement.


The T-Mini has an internal non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) and a light sensor (LDR). The light sensor provides automatic switching between day and night mode, whereby no CO 2 is dosed during night mode. You can switch off the light sensor for 24/7 dosing, so that the T-Mini continuously maintains the CO 2 value.




  • Adjustable from 300 to 2000 ppm.
  • Built-in CO2, temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Built-in light-dependent resistor (LDR) / light sensor.
  • Shows the current value and the minimum / maximum values of CO2, temperature and humidity in the display.
  • The display shows an update every second.
  • Built-in calibration function to calibrate the CO2 sensor in the outside air or in the interior.
  • Built-in fan for optimum air flow. This ensures an accurate and fast measurement.
  • Indication LEDs for CO2 dosing and stable climate.
  • Memory for power failure for setpoint and hysteresis.
  • The controller automatically switches between day and night mode thanks to the built-in light sensor.
  • Automatic switch off of the display backlight after 60 seconds.

Technical specifications


  • Power supply: 100 to 240 volts
  • Recording: 3 Watt
  • Setting range CO2 set: 300 to 2000 ppm
  • Setting range CO2 +/-: 20 to 200 ppm (advice 50 ppm hysteresis)
  • Measurement time: 1 measurement per second
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