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Hotbox Sulfume sulfur vaporizer incl. 500g. sulfur

• Protects crops against fungal diseases such as mil...


GHE, pH indication TestKit Our pH Test Kit is perfect for small tests and has a wide range from 4.0 to 8.5. Simply fill ...


Flora Nova Bloom

For all growing methods: hy...


FloraNova Grow

Voor alle groeimethodes: hydro...


GHE, Mineral MagicThe organic supplement for all existing cultures: hydroponics, rock wool, soil, etc. Mineral Magic is ...

BRIMEX predatory

Predatory mite Brimex

The predatory mite is a 0.6mm red mite moving fast and immediately goes in se...


GHE, liquid pH regulator pH Down - pH Buffer: An organic and buffered solution. Unlike the regular pH regulators availab...


Bio Roots

Bio Roots is a root developer.

• It stimulates the development of mic...


TriPack FloraNova Ripen 3 x 0.5 liter Starter set for the FloraNova series consisting of: 1x Flora Nova Grow 500ml, 1x F...


TriPack FloraDuo HardWater Ripen 3 x 0.5 liter

Een starterkit voor de FloraDuo serie bestaande uit:


FloraDuo BloomComplete, concentrated and cost effective: FloraDuo is a new formula derived from the latest scientific di...


TriPack Flora HardWater 3 x 0.5 liter You can get acquainted with Flora Series in the form of a "Tripack", a starter kit...


TriPack Flora SoftWater 3 x 0.5 liter You can get acquainted with Flora Series in the form of a "Tripack", a starter kit...


Hotbox 2000lbs. sulfur behalf. the Sulfume


Brimex Nematodes Steinernema (5 million)

The nematode Steinernema sp. against the fungus gnats are ...

BIOQUANT Folitium 2.5 ml

BIO Folitium Folitium is a bio-preparation to increase immunity to micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses) Packaging: 2.5...

BIOQUANT Pitterex 2.5 ml

BIO Pitterex

Pitterex is een bio-preparaat ter bestrijding van algemeen voorkomende...



MTL-m is a bio-composition for the control of common fungi (Pythium, Fusari...

BIOQUANT Foliar 6 250ml



BIOQUANT Foliar 5 250ml

BIOQUANT FOLIAR 5                                                                          

BIOQUANT Foliar 4 250ml

BIOQUANT FOLIAR 4                                                                        


BIOQUANT Foliar 3 250ml

BIOQUANT FOLIAR 3                                                                        

BIOQUANT Foliar 2 250ml

BIOQUANT FOLIAR 2                                                                        

BIOQUANT Foliar 1 250ml

BIOQUANT FOLIAR 1                                                                           


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