Techgrow TechGrow T-Nano Co2 controller (excluding S-Eco sensor)

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The T-Nano from the Eco line is an easy-to-use no-nonsense CO 2 controller. It performs extremely accurate measurements and is suitable for small to very large spaces.


The T-Nano can be connected to connected CO 2 , humidity and temperature sensors

measure values and send them to the connected controller, if this is linked to an S-4 Sensor. However, the T-Nano only controls the CO 2 level.


You can easily set the desired CO 2 concentration (setpoint) and hysteresis with the two rotary knobs. The indication LEDs indicate whether CO 2 is being dosed, whether the relay is switched off (for example during night mode) or whether the climate is stable.


The T-Nano can be linked to many other TechGrow products. The minimum sensor you need is an S-Eco CO 2 sensor.




  • Plug & Play
  • Can be used in small to very large spaces
  • Indication LED indicates when CO 2 is dosed
  • Switches the CO 2 source (CO 2 generator, CO 2 cylinder) ON / OFF by means of a 230 V relay
  • Memory for power failure for setpoint and hysteresis
  • Automatic 110V / 230V detection
  • The external sensor contains a light sensor that provides automatic switching between day and night mode
  • Automatic detection of cable break or poor contact with the connected sensors
  • Connection of the sensor with standard network cable (UTP). A 5 meter cable is included
  • Various sensors are available separately
  • Possibility to connect the TechGrow Datalogger (DL-1)


Technical specifications


  • Power supply: 100 V to 240 V
  • Mains frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
  • Recording: 3 W (with sensor, without CO2 source)
  • Switching power: 1000 W (maximum 4 A)
  • Setting range CO2 set: 300 to 2000 ppm
  • CO2 +/- hysteresis setting range: 20 to 200 ppm (50 ppm recommended)
  • Measuring interval: 1 measurement per second


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