Techgrow TechGrow Sensor S-2 / 0-2,000ppm (auto calibrate)

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S-2 Sensor ABC 2,000 ppm


Create the optimal CO 2 conditions in your room with the S-2 Sensor ABC 2,000 ppm from TechGrow. This sensor accurately measures the CO 2 concentration in buildings such as offices, schools, crèches, hospitals and storage rooms by means of a non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR sensor).


The S-2 Sensor ABC 2,000 ppm is equipped with Automatic Baseline Calibration (ABC function). This calibration is performed to eliminate the zero drift of the infrared sensor. The ABC function is always on as soon as the sensor is switched on. It is assumed that during the calibration cycle fresh air with a value of approximately 400 ppm will be present in the ventilated room for some time. This makes the sensor unsuitable for use in confined spaces with high CO₂ values, such as greenhouses.


In addition to the ABC function, this sensor is equipped with a manual calibration function that allows you to calibrate the CO 2 sensor itself in fresh air at 400 ppm if necessary (this calibration menu can only be accessed via a CO 2 controller). To prevent unwanted calibration, the sensor is equipped with a DIP switch.


The built-in light sensor of the S-2 Sensor ABC 2,000 ppm ensures automatic switching between day and night mode. If desired, you can manually set the light sensor to day mode by means of the additional DIP switch, so that the day program is continuously active.


The S-2 Sensor ABC 2,000 ppm is suitable for the T-Micro CO 2 Controller and the T-1 Pro CO 2 Controller from TechGrow, and can be adjusted in steps of 10 ppm.




  • Measure the CO 2 concentration in a room
  • Detects light thanks to the built-in light sensor
  • Allows automatic switching between day and night mode
  • Possibility to manually set the built-in light sensor to day mode, for a continuous day program
  • Automatic Baseline Calibration (ABC function)
  • Manual calibration & test
  • Calibration with calibration gas by TechGrow
  • Extremely accurate measurement by NDIR sensor (non-dispersive infrared sensor)
  • Measuring range: 0 - 2,000 ppm
  • Adjustable in steps of 10 ppm
  • Take a measurement every second
  • 1 UTP port
  • Compatible with T-Micro and T-1
  • Not suitable for use in greenhouses
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