Techgrow TechGrow Clima Control 7A (excluding Temp / RH sensor)

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Clima Control

The Clima Control is a digitally controlled climate controller, with the possibility to connect 2 fans. On the digital display you can read all current values at a glance.

Depending on the connected sensor (s), the Clima Control can measure the values and record the min / max values of CO 2 , temperature and humidity. Thanks to modern software, it can also control the temperature and humidity in your room in a very accurate way, whereby day and night values can be set separately. You can also set a delay time for switching between day and night mode.

The well-arranged menu makes the controller very easy to operate. With the unique calibration function for the fan you can perfectly adjust each box and operate it in manual or automatic mode. Do you want the temperature measurement to coincide with your other measuring equipment? That is also possible with the handy "temp offset" function.

The Clima Control is available in 2 versions: 7 A and 14 A. This controller is supplied without sensor; various compatible sensors are available separately.


  • The Clima Control can measure and display the current values of connected CO2, humidity and temperature sensors, register the minimum / maximum values and regulate the value (Temp & RH).
  • Day and night temperature separately adjustable.
  • Air humidity value separately adjustable for day and night.
  • Delay time for switching between day and night mode.
  • Indication LEDs light up with light detection and stable climate.
  • All settings are saved in the event of a power failure.
  • Shows the minimum / maximum values of connected sensors in the display.
  • The display is refreshed every second.
  • The fan can be operated automatically or manually.
  • The fan control is adjustable in steps of 2%.
  • Unique function with which the fan can be adjusted in 2 simple steps.
  • Calibration menu for adjusting each box, regardless of size.
  • Automatic switch off of the display backlight after 60 seconds.
  • Automatic detection of cable break or poor contact with the connected sensors.
  • Connection of the sensors with standard network cable (UTP, 3 ports).
  • Available in the versions: 7A and 14A.
  • Can be connected to many TechGrow devices.
  • Various sensors are available separately.
  • Possibility to connect the TechGrow Datalogger (DL-1).

Technical specifications

  • Power supply: 100 to 240 V
  • Recording: 3 W (with sensor, without fan)
  • Maximum fan capacity: 7 A / 1700 W, 14 A / 3400 W
  • Setting range TEMP: 10.0 to 45.0 ° C
  • Setting range TEMP hysteresis: +/- 5.0 ° C
  • Setting range TEMP offset: +/- 5.0 ° C
  • Setting range RH: 11% - 100% / Off
  • Setting range RH hysteresis: +/- 30%
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