Hotbox CO2 Generator Model 1.5 KW PROPANE (White Button)
CO2 Generator Model 1.5 KW PROPANE (White Button)

CO2 Generator Model 1.5 KW PROPANE (White Button)


CO2 Generator Model 1.5 KW PROPANEHotbox CO2 Generators enrich the ambient air with CO2 to stimulate plant growth.

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Product description

CO2 Generator Model 1.5 KW PROPANE

Hotbox CO2 Generators enrich the ambient air with CO2 to stimulate plant growth.

The air in the atmosphere consists of 0.038% (380 PPM) of carbon dioxide (CO2).
CO2 is one of the two basic substances required for plant photosynthesis (the other being water).
A plant only uses CO2 when there is light. Photosynthesis occurs immediately after the plant is exposed to light.
The plant starts absorbing CO2 from the air by opening pores, small organs located mainly on the underside of the leaf surface. These pores function in much the same way as the pores in your own skin.
They regulate the absorption of water and the gases O2 and CO2 in the plant and also the emission of water and O2 from the plant.

When CO2 is absorbed into the plant, it is directed to the chloroplasts. These are the parts of the plant that have the light-absorbing chlorophyll. This is where photosynthesis takes place.

Photosynthesis consists of a complex series of reactions in which the energy of light is used to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars. Oxygen is released as a by-product.

The amount of CO2 in the air has a profound effect on photosynthesis and plant growth. Photosynthesis speeds up when the amount of CO2 in the air increases, as long as there is enough light to provide the energy. Conversely, when the amount of CO2 in the air decreases, photosynthesis slows down and eventually stops when a concentration of around 200 PPM is reached.
Whatever the other circumstances are, they don't matter for a while. With a shortage of CO2, plants will continue to breathe and grow for a while, but they will do so until their sugars have been used up. After that, the metabolism slows down to conserve energy. Not until more
CO2 is available, the process of growth starts again.

Plants can only absorb CO2 if it is present in the immediate vicinity. CO2 is heavier than air and will therefore sink to the bottom. Good air circulation is very important for the best results.

For larger areas, multiple Hotboxes can be used, all connected to a single gas supply.

Why Hotbox?

  • Fire safety valve - guarantees safe operation
  • Low operational costs - runs entirely on natural gas
  • Easy installation - just plug in and switch on


  • 2.5kW CO2 Generator
  • Gas type: PROPANE
  • Gas pressure: 30 mBar

Note: This is the type with the white button. The box in which the CO2 generator is packed is slightly damaged. The CO2 generator itself is completely fine.

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