Ventilation filters

Ecogardenshop sells a wide range of ventilation filters from different brands. View our extensive range below.

Ventilation filters for all types of ventilation systems

Growers who have built in a ventilation system in their greenhouse (es) that is equipped with ventilation filters, are advised to regularly check, clean and eventually replace the filters. Well-functioning ventilation filters are a basic requirement for optimal climate control in your greenhouses. You can buy the best ventilation filters for your grow in our extensive collection of ventilation filters.

The importance of properly ventilating your grow room

Experienced growers know that thorough and consistent ventilation of greenhouses and grow rooms is indispensable to achieve good growing results. You can still have such a good ventilation system, but if the ventilation filter in your system is not working properly, your crops will not be properly ventilated and the growth of plants, seeds and / or flowers will be unnecessarily stunted.

Our collection of ventilation filters

In the range of Ecogardenshop we have included the best ventilation filters, in all sizes and types, that are currently available. Two top brands in our collection are the acclaimed Garden High Pro and Rhino . The carbon filters and air filters of these top brands are able, depending on the type of course, to filter up to 2800 m3 of CO2 from the air and thus create an optimal climate for rapid plant growth. The Garden High and Rhino filters are furthermore equipped with an anti-air bypass system and have a conical internal base to achieve the best possible air flow.

Via Ecogardenshop you can easily buy the right quality filters

Our range of ventilation filters consists of reliable filters from renowned brands. Buy your custom filters now via Ecogardenshop. You are guaranteed ventilation filters that have proven themselves for years as the best available in the growing industry. If you have any questions or if you cannot find your ideal filter immediately, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced customer service. Because Ecogardenshop is happy to help you optimize your cultivation performance.
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